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Bloch ALPHA Pink 055B Pink Pointe Shoes - Ballet Shoes - S0104L 055B 1X

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The Alpha pointe shoe is a highly specialized pointe shoe and it is recommended only to be worn by dancers with strong leg and foot muscles. The Alpha pointe shoe suits many foot shapes. The three quarter cut down outsole emphasizes the point of contact under the instep facilitating optimal foot articulation. The shank/insole has been prepared for the dancer to modify to their desired length. We recommend leaving the inner soft leather board for arch comfort. With less resistance from the shank/insole past the break point the dancer will feel well supported and uplifted when 'en pointe'. The long vamp supports the foot by preventing it from over arching. The platform is both wide and high to allow maximum balance when 'en pointe'. The sides of the upper are cut low and the heel contoured. Paste 'B' is used to enable the shoe to mold quickly to the shape of the foot and facilitates articulation.

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Low cut upper and contoured heel - Enhances the profile of the foot
Wide and deep platform - Maximum balance when 'en pointe'
Three quarter outsole - Holds the foot on pointe but allows the heel to arch away from the instep creating an aesthetically beautiful line
'B' Paste - Molds quickly to the shape of the foot and enhances foot articulation


Upper Material: Satin
Outsole Material: Leather
Lining Material: Cotton
Sock Material: Suede
Sole: Three quarter
Heel Cushion: No
Dancer Level: Advanced students and professionals
Colours: Pink
Widths: NX, X, XX, XXX
Sizes: 2 - 8
Drawstring: Cord
Last Shape: Conventional
Shank/Insole: Flexible
Vamp Length: Long
Vamp Shape: U
Platform Shape: High and Wide
Sides/Seam: Low/ Straight
Heel Shape: Narrow
Paste: 'B' Paste
Box Cushioning: No

• Alpha

Size: 055B 1X

Condition: Pre-Owned Like New

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