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Charles Einstein, Mary Ann Harbert

CAPTIVITY - Mary Ann Harbert - Prisoner in Communist China Ordeal by Charles Einstein

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CAPTIVITY : An American Girl's four-year ordeal as a prisoner in Communist China .. "A story of night-marish adventure!"

As far as the world beyond China was concerned, Mary Ann Harbert tragically died when her ship was wrecked in the China Sea. Her government, her parents, her friends, gave up all hope.

Only Mary Ann herself and her Chinese captors knew that she was very much alive, being moved from prison to prison within the vastness of Mainland China, trading quotations from Bob Dylan for those of Mao Tse-Tung, learning the best and the worst about Chinese medical treatment, and trying to combat a technique of brainwashing that alternated gentleness and brutality, kindness and psychological attack.

Mary Ann Harbert survived to tell her story. At a time when our country and China stand on the brink of a new relationship, it is a story important to us all.

First Dell Printing June 1974.

• softcover, paperback,

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